Terms & Conditions Tattoo

I herby acknowledge to agree to the following facts and take full responsibility:

  • I am 18 years old or older and completely want this tattoo out of free will.
  • I do not have any condition that may affect the healing of this tattoo. I am not pregnant or nursing or have any allergies or other communicable diseases.
  • I do not have any medical or skin condition or any type of infection or rash that could influence tattooing.
  • I am aware of the risks of tattooing and completely responsible for the affect it will have on my appearance and will not hold my artist accountable for this.
  • I will not use any drugs or alcohol prior to my appointment. I will also not use any numbing cream or antibiotics as this will affect the tattooing.
  • I am aware that getting a tattoo is a huge responsibility and am aware of the aftercare instructions.
  • I am aware that tattoos heal differently per person and with time the design can differ from original.